This index lists links between pages of the documents collection and particular individuals and families who are mentioned in them. It is not a comprehensive index of all the people in the Cassirer and Cohen family tree. Details of genealogical and other data for more than 7,000 related people can be accessed via the family tree section of this website.

Main family groupings for this site

Note on nomenclature.

  • Where married names differ from birth names, the usage which is more frequent in collected documents is referenced below with the alternative name being available in the family tree. (In a few cases both names are listed.)
  • Where two names are otherwise identical the second is distinguished, quite artificially, by a numeral before after the first name (eg Salomon Cassirer vs Salomon 2 Cassirer). Clicking on the name to read the actual entry in the family tree to which this refers should remove any doubt or ambiguity.

Cassirer history and document references

References to other Cassirers not yet definitively identified with this family tree

Cohen history and document references

Falk history and document references.
- NB: all Falk entries from Fritz Falk forward could as easily fit under Cassirer or Cohen.

For more on individuals and families, and their genealogy, see Family Tree Index.
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