This is a summary of current understanding of the genealogy of the Serck-Hanssen and Goerke families and their relationship to the genealogy of a long line of distinguished Cassirer relatives (which will be called here the descendants of Markus Cassirer).1

Evidence2 is footnoted and based primarily on remaining grave records from the town of Gogolin,3 that town’s know history, other vital records now on line from Poland, and documented family recollections. The connection between Loebel Moses Cassirer and Mausche Cassirer is based on proximity, consistency and written recollections of descendant Gertrud Cassirer.

As well as this it may be observed that:

(i) The descendants remember they are related to the Markus Cassirer Descendants, and this information is shared back two generations to the grandmother Gertrud Buchhorn of Johanna Goerke.
(ii) Early in this line, Leopold Cassirer’s brother (Simon) continued in the same occupation of brewer as did Markus Cassirer and his brother Siegfried. This suggests that they all come from a line of brewers.
(iii) Markus Cassirer was born in Bujakow, the same place as the oldest known relative of this line (Mausche Cassirer). (Bujakow is a small town then in Silesia and now in Poland, with currently about 2,176 residents.4)
(iv) The social standing of Leopold and his brother Simon was consistent with that of the Markus Cassirer line.
(v) Leopold and Simon lived in Oberglogau, Kreis Neustadt (now Glogowek), only some 15 km from Krappitz / Gogolin where Siegfried Cassirer (Markus's brother) later became a brewer.5

Overall, whilst still not fully documented the evidence suggests that on the balance of probability the descendants of Salomon Cassirer, like the Markus Cassirer descendants, share the common ancestor Loebel Moses Cassirer and are thus blood relations.

Genealogical Summary.

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Loebel Moses Cassirer (1738-1808/9) is the earliest common ancestor between the Markus Cassirer Descendants and this Cassirer line. Loebel very probably adopted the name Cassirer during his lifetime. One likely descendant of him - Gertrud Buchhorn recalls him as having been born Loebel Moses Bujakow which translates as Loebel Moses ben Jakob. However, it may also be the case that Gertud was remembering a reference to Loebel Moses of Bujakow, which is also the place in which Markus Cassirer was born, and presumably Loebel Moses Cassirer lived. Gertrud Buchhorn also wrote that the grandfather of her grandfather (GG Grandfather), "Bujakow", was a cashier at a "Grafen" (that is at the estate of a person of high rank – equivalent to a Lord or Earl). The genealogy here6 is consistent with either Gertrud's recollection of Loebel Moses Cassirer as Loebel Moses ben Jakob or Loebel Moses of Bujakow. Irrespective of which of these is correct, the suggestion here is that as was common at the time7 Loebel Moses replaced his patronymic with a family name based on his own occupation of cashier, becoming Loebel Moses Cassirer.

Mausche Cassirer (inferred birth between 1765-1795) is likely to be a son of Loebel Moses Cassirer.8 Mausche Cassirer is recorded in the marriage certificate of his son Salomon as being a Lease Holder, or Tennant Farmer (Arrendator) in Bujakow.9 Itzig is probably identical with Joachim Krämer in Krappitz who lived in that little town already in 1812 (with a daughter Rosel). Krappitz and Gogolin are so close (4.4 km10) as to be almost the same place.

(It is unlikely although not strictly impossible that Mausche was a brother of Markus Cassirer (ie a son of Moses ben Loebel Cassirer – the son of Loebel Cassirer – because between the marriage of the supposed father Moses (1797) and the marriage of Mausche’s son Salomon, is only 33 years meaning they would have married at no older than 17 and 16 years. Generally members of the family married at older ages.)

Salomon Cassirer (inferred birth about 1810) (Mausche Cassirer’s son) is shown to have married Rosel Krämer in 1830. From family recollection we know that (presumably after the death of Rosel) he married Ernestine Wachsmann.11

  • Salomon's first wife was thus Rosel Krämer (whom he married in 1830). 12 Written recollections from Gertrud Buchhorn confirm that Leopold had half-siblings who would have been the children of Rosel including Ernestine and Siegfried.
  • Salomon's second wife was Ernestine Wachsmann (born 1817). We also know from Gertrud Buchhorn and other family recollections that Salomon had a daughter Lina and son Simon who was Leopold's siblings and that Ernestine Wachsmann (born 1817) lived until at least her 70th birthday (until 1887) and that she was very rich and gave to each of her children 3000 taler and had at least the 38 grandchildren who came to visit her. The coincidence (daughter with name of step mother) is a little striking, but perfectly possible.

Leopold and Rosalie

Leopold Cassirer (1847-1927) was born in Gogolin as the son of Salomon Cassirer and his second wife Ernestine Wachsmann.13 Leopold Cassirer married first Rosalie Kraemer (or Krämer) and then, after her death, her sister Ida Kraemer. Leopold and Rosalie had a daughter Gertrud (with siblings Ernst and Adelle). Leopold and Ida had daughter Else (unmarried) and son Moritz Cassirer.

From town records we known that Leopold was Leopold Cassirer of Gogolin (29/8/1846 -1927).14

Leopold was the head of the municipality, the owner of one of the lime plants, the owner of two lime kilns (standing to this day, known as "piece purpose of advertising"), multiple Gogolin juror for the municipality, the deputy mayor, head of the electoral commission for the electoral district Gogolin-Górażdże. In 1913, as deputy mayor Leopold ordered the planting of trees along the road leading to the church. Some of these trees grow to this day.15

Simon Cassirer was Leopold Cassirer’s brother.

Simon Cassirer (1848-1914) was the owner of the distillery (the local name survives today Breneraje) and one of lime plants in Gogolin. Probably the father of Simon and Leopold Cassirer (Salomon Cassirer) was a leader of the Jewish branch in Gogolin.16


Gertrud Buchhorn (ne Cassirer) (1876-1964) was Leopold Cassirer and Rosalie’s daughter. Gertrud married to become Gertrud Buchhorn with daughter Lilly. Lilly and her husband sent their children to safety in Norway but were themselves subsequently unable to leave Germany and were murdered by the Nazis.

Moritz Cassirer was Leopold and Ida’s son. He had son Franz who died in 2001, and daughter Marianne Ida Cassirer.

Current generation


Additional notes

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1 Prepared by Jim Falk

2 See also Source documents of Loebel Cassirer → Salomon Cassirer → Serck-Hanssen & Goerke families

3 This information is known from the history of the village and the inscriptions on the 30 remaining gravestones at the local small cemetery which includes: Ernestine Cassierer (born in 1817), Simon Cassirer (born 19th X. 1848, as amended. 5.VIII.1914 r), Leopold Cassirer (born 28.VIII.1847, died 27. I.1927 r) , and Ida Cassirer (born August 28th., 1858, as amended. 22 IX., 1921).

4 See MapCarta for pictures and map.


6 As argued here, Gertrud's father was Leopold, her grandfather was Salomon, and her great grandfather Mausche Cassirer

7 "In 1814 in the Kingdom of Bavaria, whose Jews were subject to the Royal Ordinance of 10 June 1813, generally known as the Jews' Ordinance (Judenedikt). It regulated their status and provided a measure of emancipation for them. The ordinance included the requirement to adopt permanent family names and the establishment of Jewish registers of birth, marriage and death. These were kept by the local Catholic priest until the newly formed German empire introduced general registration on I January 1876, which covered vital events irrespective of religion." See also more extended note on the context of this.

8 This is because Mausche appears as the grandfather of Gertrud Cassirer and she recalls her GG grandfather as being Loebel Moses Cassirer.

9 Bujakow is also a place in Poland near Rynek and not very far from Krappitz (now Krapkowice) ( According to that certificate Salomon Cassirer married Rosel Krämer, daughter of Itzig Krämer in Krappitz.[^The Krappitz records can be found online as typescript scans from the Georg Wiener Collection

10 viewed 28 Dec 2012.

11 This renders it impossible that Salomon was a son of Moses Loebel Cassirer and thus he was not a brother of Markus despite some impressions to this effect in family recollections.

12 This marriage record shows that his father was Mausche Cassirer. Krappitz, Jewish Marriages, Nov 3rd 1830, Salomon Cassirer Arrendator in Gleiwitz, son of Mausche Cassirer Arrendator in Bujackow, m. Rosel Krämer, daughter of Schnittwaren-Händler Itzig Krämer in Krappitz.

13 There is a discrepancy in records of the date of birth of Leopold, being a difference between the record of the marriage certificate and the gravestone. I have accepted the more precise date as the accurate one in my website. The gravestone shows 1847 for Leopold’s birthdate, but the marriage document from Leopold and Ida Crämer shows 29.8.1846. – email from Johanna Goerke and Sibylla 24 Nov 2012.

14 The gravestone shows 1847 for Leopold’s birthdate, but the marriage document from Leopold and Ida Crämer shows 29.8.1846. – email from Johanna Goerke and Sibylla 24 Nov 2012.

15 “150 years of the Jewish cemetery in Gogolin - Municipality of Gogolin”, from article published in the pages of local government municipalities Gogolin Kaleidoscope, Gogolin 2006, pp. 61-69. viewed 13 Oct 2012. See also,art,id_9045

16 Ibid

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