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Key Cohen Documents

  • Henry Cohen (1790-1867). Researched and compiled by Philip Cohen this represents a huge amount of meticulous research into Henry Cohen and his descendents and relatives. It includes detailed documentary material, including a transcript of Henry Cohen's trial.
  • Colonial Office correspondence about Henry Cohen. These are copies of correspondence, obtained by Philip Cohen, relating to the arrival of Henry Cohen, his assignment to private service, an (unsuccessful) attempt to assign him to his son in law, Simmons, and his eventual pardon in 1842.
  • History of the Cohen Name: From Ha-Kohen (1650-1723) to Abraham Cohen (1812-1874). This manuscript has been handed down to me, and probably comes from the two addresses by David Spector of Hove, Sussex, and published by the Jewish Historical Society of England in their publications Transactions, Vol 22 (1968/9) "The Jews of Brighton" and Vol 30 (1987/8) "Brighton Jewry reconsidered". Inter alia it traces the arrival in Australia of Abraham Cohen back to Don Menachen ben Chajim Ha-Kohen (1650-1723) and the Konstamm family.
  • Notes of Henry Robert Cohen (1915-2002). These notes were prepared by Henry Robert Cohen on his Microbee computer in the 1970s and follow on from those above to trace the Cohen family from Brighton England, through to Australia. They contain a very detailed family tree, some details of which remain to be inserted in this site. The notes were annotated and then scanned by Philip Cohen sometime in the late 1980s. I reproduce them here still as images, now embedded in web pages.
  • No Other Home: An Anglo-Jewish Story 1833-1987 by the late Barbara Falk. This book in scanned form was reproduced here with the kind permission of the author, Barbara Falk, and the publisher, Penguin Books Australia Ltd. The book is the most complete history published to date of the Cohen family and related people referred to on this site. It was first published in 1988. However, by some computer glitch most of the scanned pages have been deleted and remain to be re-scanned and uploaded once again. This is a job for a rainy day - Site Editor.
  • Early Convict Records of Henry Cohen
  • Album of miscellaneous information about the Cohen Family and their relatives. There is quite a bit of information which is progressively uncovered about the Cohen family and their relatives. Some of it is information provided by researchers such as Tel Johns who have provided research for this site. This album is the place where this information is progressively collected. Over time some of it may be further linked into the Overview and Genealogical Database sections of the site.
  • Joshua family history. Notes on the history of the Joshua family history (in which, inter alia, John Jacobs married Kate Cohen) provided by Sue Woolf which give sources for information incorporated into the family tree section of this web site. In this history Marie Sichel maried Philip Joshua and some notes on the Sichel family history provided by Kirsten Beach (Netherlands) is provided.
  • Various Related Individual Histories

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