There are a number of ways to search for what you want in this site.

Searching for a name, place or topic using indexes.

Often you will be searching for information or documents about a particular person, place or topic. The simplest approach is to use the Indexes. It is like looking up the index in a book. Here is how you search for the following:

Searching for any phrase.

Sometimes you may wish to search for a particular phrase across the thousands of pages in the site. This site has two different sorts of content: main pages (which are pages of a database written in "Wiki" code), and content in the form of web pages (or extracts from them) which include the pages of the Family Tree, much of the history, and material in some document pages. There are two corresponding search boxes.

To search for a phrase in the main pages.


To search for a phrase in the web content.

For more on individuals and families, and their genealogy, see Family Tree Index.
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