This is the document collection of the Cassirer and Cohen website. Over the period since February 2004 when this site was established many materials have been received from others, found on the web, or some written for the site leading to much improvement in accuracy, broadening in scope, and the availability of many interesting relevant documents. This is where they can be found.

The document collection is organised into:

  • Overview - this is for the historical, factual, geographical, or other documents which stand above the key family clusters.
  • Family Clusters - most information, including other families, are referenced in this site because in one way or another they relate to the Cassirer and Cohen family trees, and also the Falk family tree bridging the two. Therefore it is natural to break the information provided into:
    • Cassirer - relating to this German jewish family from Central Europe and its network of relatives now spread by the holocaust across the world.
    • Cohen - relating to this anglo-jewish family (also tracing back to Central Europe) and its development after involuntary relocation to Australia.
    • Falk - a family which bridges the Cassirer and Cohen family clusters.
  • Page indexes - lists links to specific pages devoted to particular families and individuals, and places, in this document collection.
  • Family tree The above only links people referred to explicitly in the document collection. Beyond that genealogical and other data for more than 7,400 related people is provided in the family tree as well as the contextual accounts developed in the Histories section of this Cassirer and Cohen site.

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Jim Falk (Site Editor)

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