Note from Sibylla and Johanna 24 November 2012 11:46:37 AM

At first: Some dates or informations are different in the different notes.

For example concerning the birthdate of Leopold Cassirer. We have an other day and year than you. We found in the marriage document from Leopold and Ida Crämer the 29.8.1846.

And we found contradictions in the notices of our grandmother. May be because they are written down mostly by our mother - or our grandmother [Gertude Buchhorn] could not remember as well . She has two versions concerning the relationship from our branch to the Markus line. One say, her father [Leopold} has been [one of the] brothers, and the other, one of the grandfathers [Salomon] has been [one of the] brothers. We think that probably the grandfather [Solomon] must have been brothers. Or the GG father [Mausche] of our Grandmother, so as you suppose.

1. In notices from Mr. Geballe I found a translation from the polish BUJAKOW Ben Jakow- son of Jacob.

2. Wilfred Cass source: Marcus was born in Bujakow on 2.4.1801. Siegfried took interest in his relatives, protected them and found them jobs in timber trade. So it may be he had influenced Leopold in regarding his lime plantations, you are writing about it.

3 .And remarkable is the line of brewers, so as you have written, first Moses Ben Loebel, later Markus and also Leopolds brother Simon were involved in brewery.

4.Leopold had one sister named Lina and he had one brother named Simon.

Interesting are the names from Leopolds half-sister and half-brother, Ernestine and Siegfried. We know about them from our grandmothers stories and from documents.

5. We know about Ernestine Wachsmann, Salomons wife, born 1817, she has been

very rich and gave to each of her children 3000 taler. To her 70 th birthday came 38 grandchildren to visit her.

We wondered how it happened, that there are halfsisters and halfbrothers, whosenames show a direct descent from Siegfried (born1812) and Ernestine Wachsmann (born 1817).

May be Salomon is born about 1810 probably as a brother (or cousin) from Siegfried. Maybe his first marriage was to an elder sister of Ernestine Wachsmann. They had children and named their children after their brother-and sisters names, Siegfried and Ernestine, so as it was costumary.

Maybe, his first wife died and than he married once more and take the sister Ernestine (may be younger) as his wife. After that was born Leopold 1846, Lina ? and Simon 1849.

Therefor we think that Siegfried and Ernestine are half-brothers-sisters from Leopold. Lina and Simon. That seems to be creadible.

Who was Salomons father? May be Moses Ben Loebel and Salomon is a brother from Siegfried and Markus…

How many children had Moses Ben Loebel ? Or is Salomon a son of Jacob, Gerson, Hirsch ?

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