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Gertrud Buchhorn, b. 13 May, 1876-11 January, 1964, wrote that the grandfather of her grandfather, "Bujakow", was a cashier at a "Grafen" (lord, count, earl?). Bujakow was given the name of Cassirer. Can he be the Markus, b. 2 April, 1801? He is the father of a Salomon, but could he also have had a brother named Salomon?

"My" Salomon married Ernestine, b. Wachsmann (I haven't found any information about their years of birth). In accordance to the information regarding the years on the genealogy sheet, "my" Salomon could be a brother of Markus.

Salomon's son Leopold, Gogolin, (my grandfather) was born 29 August, 1846, and there was another son, Simon b. 1848-1914. Leopold married Rosalie Kraemer, and became the parents of Ernst, Adele and Gertrud (Buchhorn).
Gertrud Buchhorn was the mother of Lilly Goerke, who was the mother of 
Irene, Johanna and Katja (Katja died about ten years ago).

After the death of Rosalie, Leopold married her sister Ida Kraemer, b. 23 August 1858. They got two children, Moritz (my father) and Else (b. 1892?)

Moritz, b. 7 April, 1890, married Edith Strumpfner, b. 20 February, 1892.
Their children are

Marianne, b. 11 August, 1928 and 
Franz, b. 14 May, 1931 (d. 3 March, 2001)

Marianne married Eilif Serck-Hanssen, and got three children: Ingrid, b. 27 Jan., 1960
, Astrid, b. 12 Oct., 1963, 
Eilif, b. 15 Jan., 1966

--- As you suggest (reading the story by Will Cass), Agnes (Bruno and Else's daughter) had three children; Thomas, Dorothea and Peter. Dorothea married Michael Kauffmann, a former director of the Cortauld Institute.

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