• Markus Cassirer” was born in “Bujakow”: This was an interesting very little town (in the “Landkreis Rybnik”) because it is situated halfway between Kattowitz and Rybnik (all three having been allocated to Poland after 1920). In the citation from the memories of Walter Grünfeld it says that as a boy he and his aunt met in 1920 in Kattowitz a large group of Berliner Cassirers, comming from Rybnik, where they had voted (that means I think: the law then forced people to vote for Germany / for Poland at the place where they / their family originated. Perhaps Bujakow was too small to manage such a vote with people from as far as Berlin). So instead of Rybnik, Bujakow might have been also one of the places in the Kattowitz region where the Cassirers from Russian Poland / Austrian Poland, i.e. Galicia, or Moravia and Hungary, Bessarabia, or whatever, first settled.
  • It is not exactly clear yet which of the several places called Bujakow was the one which Markus Cassirer was born in but I have assumed it was the Silesian town now known as Bujaków Mikołów, Mikołów County, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. Details of the old Silesian German town names are given at Kartenmeister as Bujakow, Hegerhaus (located in 1.9 km from modern "Bujakow"), Bujakow, Oberförsterei (also 1.9 km from modern Bujakow), and Bujakow (which is located 2.9 km from Groß Paniow, which is known today as Paniowy). All of these are quite close to the cities of Rynek and Katy.
  • Click here for map of Bujakow
  • Things to know about Bujakow tells us that "Bujakow is located in Poland's Silesia region. It receives very few travelers, and it's among Poland's least visited destinations."
  • Bujakow, Poland with photograph
  • Kartenmeister reference
  • Bujakow is about 19 km by road from Swientochlowitz where Markus Cassirer lived for much of his adult life and where he owned his hotel.

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