There's a second Max Cassirer from Berlin at

The 'Stolpersteine' are tiny (10x10 cm) 'stones' made of brass, dug in the ground at the edge of the pavement just in front of a (perhaps no more existent) building, where deported and murdered jewish Germans once lived, whose names are engraved on the upper side of this 'stumble-stone' (Stolperstein). This one is on Bundesallee 171, formerly on 169, and it says:

'The 'stumble-stone' for Amalie Cassirer has been dug in on 7/17/2007. Because house # 169 doesn't exist any more, the stone has been placed in front of # 171. Amalie Cassirer, nee Konicki, *3/20/1866 in Schubin [not Silesia;], was the widow of the merchant Max Cassirer who died in the early 1930s. Mrs Cassirer eventually moved to a jewish retirement home at Mahlsdorfer Strasse 94 in Berlin-Koepenick. From there she was deported to Theresienstadt on 8/20/1942 and on 9/26/1942 she was murdered at Treblinka.'

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