• victim of the Shoah
  • No direct link has yet been established between Amalie and the family tree. She married Max Cassirer (referenced as Max 2 Cassirer here to avoid ambiguity).
  • the place of Amalie Cassirer nee Konicki in the Konicki family tree has now been identified with a possible very remote (not blood) connection to the Markus Cassirer family line. This Max 2 Cassirer remains to be identified in the context of a family tree.
  • Amalie Cassirer nee Konicki was born in 1866. During the war she was deported with Transport I/48 from Berlin,Berlin,Berlin,Germany to Theresienstadt,Ghetto,Czechoslovakia on 20/08/1942. Deported with transport Br from Theresienstadt,Ghetto,Czechoslovakia to Treblinka,Wegrow,Lublin,Poland on 26/09/1942. Amalie was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based on a List of Theresienstadt camp inmates found in Terezinska Pametni Kniha/Theresienstaedter Gedenkbuch, Terezinska Iniciativa, vol. I-II Melantrich, Praha 1995, vol. III Academia Verlag, Prag 2000. Source: Yad Vashem.

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