The following list of Cassirers not yet identified with this family was compiled some years ago.

The following remain to be identified.

Summary List of those not yet identified:

Living or recently deceased Avraham Cassirer, Aurora Cassirer, Christian Cassirer, Elizabeth F Cassirer, Jerome P Cassirer, Marilyn Cassirer, Oliver Cassirer, Philip Cassirer, Christopher Cassirer, Udi Cassirer.

New additions: Yitzhak Cassirer

Historical references In the following list "Cassierer" and "Kassirer" where they occured in the historical records shown lower have been replaced by "Cassirer" since spellings have not remained necessarily stable.

From Various Sources Markus 1919 Cassirer, Amalie Cassirer, Amalie 2 Cassirer, Hermann Cassirer, Franz L Cassirer.

From the Bytom (Beuthon) BMD Records Linna Cassirer, Josl Cassirer, Samuel Cassirer, Babette Cassirer, Charlotte Cassirer, Salomon 1849 Cassirer, Salomon 1830 Cassirer, Salomon 1858 Cassirer, Sara Cassirer, Handel Cassirer, Loebel 1855 Cassirer, Loebel 1824 Cassirer, Sinna Cassirer, Nanny Cassirer, Heye Cassirer, Jonah Cassirer, Nunne Cassirer.

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