• From: Mitteilungen des Verbandes ehemaliger Breslauer und Schlesier in Israel e.V.'1 In 1992, No 56, p. 21, there's an insert calling for informations of the whereabouts of many Silesian Jewish pharmacists (Pharmazeut / Apotheker), among them 'Kurt Cassirer' from Neustadt O.S. - Perhaps he was from Neustadt as one of the three cities of the Landkreis Neustadt O.S.: Neustadt, Krappitz and Zuelz (with nearby Ober Glogau, Gogolin and Ziegenhals.2

1 http://smgr-dev.visual-library.de/periodical/structure/3569

2 Thanks to Expat for identifying this reference. He points out there is more detail in Zuelz and the important role of this city for the Silesian Jews: (with some more details in the German Wiki-version)

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