• http://www.archiv.uni-leipzig.de/reichsanzeiger/ Exact birthday date of Kurt Cassirer Kurt Hans C. (Cassierer) Archives of the University of Leipzig. This is a list of disqualifications of academic degrees in the Reich Gazette from 1937 to 1944. The listed names are almost exclusively German nationals who had fled Nazi Germany and the German state and were subsequently denied citizenship. The universities had to withdraw all of these from the academic degrees for which they had qualified and publish the list of names. A similar forfeiture is shown for Reinhold Cassirer.
  • http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/archive/index.php/t-76152.html A rather confused blog, but at "Geburten Gleiwitz" (births Gleiwitz) there's an entry: "22.6.1833 - Cassirer - Branntwein Arrende-Pächter, eine Tochter, Bertha" (Cassirer - no first name! - brandy (sliwowitz?) arendator, one daughter, Bertha) This could be Bertha Cassirer daughter of Loebel 2 Cassirer. If so, this is helpful as the date for Bertha Cassirer given in [Bytom BMD 1812/1846, M 1935-38 Piotrkow Guberina / Katowice Province Film 1273452 Transmitted by Alexander Sharon, JGFF Editor] as 11 Apr 1834 which is two weeks different only from that for another of the children may have been a transcription error. A date of 22 Jun 1833 is more consistent with the birth dates of the other children. Although other records show Loebel 2 Cassirer as living in Gogolin this is only 51 km from Gleiwitz (now Gliwice). Brandy brewer is consistent with the occupations of other related Cassirers and later generations.
  • http://www.beck-shop.de/fachbuch/dokument/9783864640148__001.htm Schmidt, Walter: Die schlesische Demokratie von 1848/49, vol. 1: Geschichte der schlesischen Demokratiebewegung; vol. 2: Protagonisten der schlesischen Demokratiebewegung. - Berlin: trafo, 2012 (The Silesian democracy of 1848/49, vol. 1: History of the Silesian democratic movement; vol. 2: Protagonists of the Silesian democratic movement) Entry in the Index: "Cassirer - no first name! - Breslauer Goldarbeiter, Demokrat, Maiaufständischer, vol.I, p.17, 292" (Cassirer, gold artisan from Breslau, democrat, May insurgent)
  • http://www.juden-in-mittelsachsen.de/verzeichnis/index.html Index of graves in the New Jewish Cemetery in Dresden (Saxonia), only name and number, no dates! Cassirer, Betty, NTL 05/29
  • http://www.myheritage.com/site-family-tree-75658182/bruck?lang=DE 'Cassirer' in the search window gives: Simon Neumann marries Marie Cassirer and they have 2 children: Salomon and Carolin.
  • More information from another site: http://gen.scatteredmind.co.uk/show_pers Marianna Neumann born Marianna Cassirer (ca 1770 ‑ ) Quite an early date for such a Christian first name: Maria + Anna ... courious. There are 3 Falks too!

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