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  • see English translation of interview on Suedwest-Funk Radio, 1986 with Reinhold Cassirer. A remarkably fluent and clear recollection of Reinhold Cassirer's childhood and family life, his formative years in Charlottenburg (ending in 1926), his study with Weber in Heidelberg where he gained his Doctorate in December 1932, the advent of the Nazis, his interview by the Gestapo, and the tightening of pressure on him and other Jews, his role in the family Cable Manufacturing Company, his move to South Africa and time in the South African and British Army (1940-1946), the recommencement of his business life in South Africa and in 1968, his taking up the opportunity to open a branch of Sotheby's in South Africa, and finally his marriage to and life with Nardine Gordimer and the family they have nurtured. Includes also interesting references to Paul Cassirer and Tilla Durieux, and Ernst Cassirer and Heinz Heinrich Cassirer.

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