Comment from Robert Ward (UK):

David Lawrence Levy is from a very interesting family. He had a brother in Australia called William Levy Lawrence and the pair of them were discussed in the NSW parliament after David successfully organised a petition (possibly fake) to get William out of Darlinghurst gaol.

Another brother was Edward Lawrence Levy, a notorious crooked London solicitor (e.g. make an accident compensation claim and he provided well trained witnesses). Their father was Lawrence Levy, London wine merchant, theatre owner and sheriff's officer. Their grandparents, William and Elizabeth Levy, seem originally to have made their money from running a "disorderly house" and were discussed in a Parliamentary enquiry (see ). Their descendants include a whole host of notable people, for good reasons or bad, in almost every branch, from Ernest Lewis co founder of the UK Army and Navy Stores, to Aletta Lewis an artist better known in Australia than here, and Frank Van Neck the developer of the Van Neck press camera, and many others. 

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