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  • Note. Daughter to Isidor Cassirer, at the age of 19 Betty married Fritz Falk, a medical doctor and son of a successful businessman from Dessau. During the war she and her husband moved first to Paris and then were smuggled from Vichy France across the border to Switzerland. Funds to achieve this were in part received in toothpaste tubes sent to her by her daughter in law Barbara Falk (nee Barbara Cohen) and son Werner Falk. After the war she went to England to be with her son at Oxford and there, with her prior very wealthy background counting for nothing, she worked as a cook for the Dragon School in Oxford. Later when Barbara and Werner moved to Melbourne, Australia, Betty and her husband Fritz moved to Australia. Fritz was not permitted to practice medicine and so Betty once more brought in income as a dress-maker. When Werner moved to the US, and after the death of Fritz (from cancer), Betty once more relocated, this time to New York, to be close to her son and US relatives.

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