62 Kufürstendamm as depicted in a postcard in 1930

Close up of 62 Kufürstendamm as it now appears

Now in the context of the whole building as it now exists.

Fritz Falk (who had married Betty Cassirer), lived first in Berlin at Kantstrasse 124 until 1912 when they moved to Charlottenburg in West Berlin with the address 62 Kurfuerstendamm, Berlin. We do not know how long they stayed there. It could well have been bought in Fritz Falk's name, or he may simply have rented it. If it was bought it would have been with assistance of money through his wife Betty, but of course all money from a wife was regarded as being property in the hands of the husband. We know this since we have a page of notepaper from Fritz Falk with this address on it.

Letterhead showing Dr Fritz Falk's practice at 62 Kurfürstendamm

We also have an extract from the Berliner Adressbuch of 1925 showing Fritz Falk. In this year the House owner (E) is a businessman called M. Neustadt who lived at Tauentzienstr. No.8. Fritz Falk is signed: "F. Falk doctor of medicin, practical doctor" His neighbours have been a factory owner, businessman, dentist, lawer, porter, director, spezial doctor... and Part I. shows Fritz, medical doctor, practical doctor, W15 (west of berlin Nr 15 meens the part called charlottenburg), Kurfürstendamm 62 I (he and his family lived on the first floor), T. Bism. 1802 (which is the telephone number for Bismarckplatz No. 1802; 8-9 4-5 which means you can call him in the morning 8-9 and later 4-5.1

Thanks to Angela Harting who has inspected the Building Record archive for Kurfürstendamm 62 where Fritz Falk, Betty Falk (nee Betty Cassirer) and Werner Falk and Else Falk lived we now have further details of the occupancy and ownership of this building.

File No .1 was destroyed in a fire. File No. 2 starts with 1923 end ends at 1938 but shows no notes relating to Fritz Falk. Werner Falk in his recollections suggested that the Cassirer family may have been the owner of this house but that is not correct. It must have been rented. This house was built in 1903 based on a design by the architect Wilhelm Eigendorff. The owner was C.W. Albrecht, then later the owner changed to Max Neustadt and later again to his widow Gertrud Neustadt nee May. Around 1935 the owner was Dr. Sakin and after him (before 1941) Anna Jakuß born Pfort and Ina Altmann born Tabak. There is no plan of the first floor in the file.

We know all the owners of Kurfürstendamm 59-60 but the name Cassirer is not in that list. All the flats on Kurfürstendamm 59-60 and 62 are flats for rent. The first owner of 59-60 was also Hans Toebelmann, the architect (for the whole complex of Kurfürstendamm 56-60). He owned the building till 1920 than he sold it for 1,950,000 Reichsmark. His letter, dated 10 Jan 1910, to the police is shown below. At that time Werner Falk was 3 years old. In that letter Werner Falk's aunt Anna Pringsheim is listed as authorised to use the elevator. Another page shows her husband Emil Pringsheim as being born in Breslau on 19 Jan 1861.


1 From Angela Harting: Every year 4 address books where published. (from 1799-1943): Teil 1 residents and companies, in alphabetical order; Teil 2 companies in order of industry; Teil 3 authority, school, churches....; Teil 4 residents and companies sorted by property; and these can now be read at http://adressbuch.zlb.de/searchResultAdressbuch.php?&CatalogName=adre2007&CatalogCategory=adress&CatalogLayer=1&ImgId=258200. Thus to find the scan shown here from Part 4 for 1925, First choose 1925-1943> 1925> “IV. Straßen und Häuser von Groß-Berlin”> “IV. Straßen und Häuser von Berlin”> “K”>”Kr”>3 times +5 > and once -1 than click on the small picture on the right side. For looking for all “Falk” in Berlin in the year 1925 use: “1925-1943”> “1925”> “Einwohner von Berlin”> “F”

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