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This is a listing of known still existing EMG ‘large horn’ EMG (Marks IX, X, Xa and Xb) which I am maintaining as a form of support to this specialist community, many members of which, like me, are privileged to be audience and hosts to one (or for some more) of these extraordinary surviving machines.

Listing of identified gramophones is by EMG Mark, source of information, and any additional details such as serial number. Clicking on the link takes you to background documentation including photographs, where available.1 Where a gramophone is composed of a mixed base and horn it is classified according to its horn dimensions. Thus, for example, a gramophone with Xa base and oversize horn will be found in the Mark Xb list. To preserve privacy, where names are in capital letters, they are pseudonyms for people participating in The Talking Machine Forum.

Numbers in ‘curly brackets’ are an initial approach to providing a unique identification code for each known gramophone in the form {Mark-Number}. In the case of machines with a known serial number (at the end of each Mark list) the identification code is given as {Mark-#serial number}

Price realised is given at the end of a listing in cases where a machine was reported as a result of an auction or sale and if a realised price is quoted. Note that some auctions quote a “hammer price” to which must usually be added the buyer’s commission (often around 23%) and any applicable taxes (such as VAT). Clicking on the link for a machine will provide such documentation as has been identified, including where applicable the on-line auction listing.

Source abbreviations include: “G.R. Register” - the original list of identified surviving EMG gramophones with known serial numbers, which formed the core of this now supplemented list; TMF - The Talking Machine Forum (British & European Machines), where often very expert collectors tend to exchange information and views; online auction system ebay; and the auction houses Auction Team Breker, Bonhams and Christies which run regular speciality auctions focusing on the history of science and technology.

To contact me , the site editor, and in particular if you have a correction to a listing, further details or a picture or other details of another EMG gramophone you would like listed click here.

List of Identified Gramophones

Mark IX

Mark IX Export

Mark X

Mark Xa

Mark Xa Export

Mark Xb

Mark Xb Export

Mark Xa or Mark Xb Export


1 This listing owes a large debt to Graham Rankin who has shared details of his own database and expert knowledge here. (↑)

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