The following objects form the collection of the author (for convenience referred to here as “collection Calculant”). They are used here as an aid to insight about the history of calculating technology.

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First Devices
Early Books, Logarithmic Tables, and Ready Reckoners
The first “computer manual”?
Conversion and Reckoner Devices
Sectors and Dividers
Gunter’s Proportional Rule
Slide Rules
Cylindrical Slide Rules
Circular Slide Rules
Proportional Nomographic Calculators
Stylus or Slider operated Adders
Rotating knob operated Adders
Keyboard Adding Machines
True Multiplying Calculators
Proportional Rack Calculators
Pinwheel Calculators
The Curta and Alpina miniaturised step-drum calculators
Motorised Calculating Machines
Electronic Calculators



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