This is a collection of electronic resources (including selected links to other relevant websites) which form part of the background to the collected objects and associated analysis.

Early books

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Key websites

Survey websites

Manuals and Instructions

Specialist websites

Gunter Scales & Sectors

  • Gunter Works All about Gunter Scales and Sectors and how to use them (mostly in German but also in part in English)

Slide Rules

Measuring & Drawing Instruments


Other Useful Sites

Associations of Calculator Collectors, Collectors Lists, and Collector Mail Lists

Personal Collections

Online stores

Some useful stores of antique scientific instruments. (Calculant has no financial connection with any of these stores and cannot vouch for anything advertised. Caveat Emptor applies!)

  • Fleaglass - a store front for a range of private sellers and dealers for various categories of antique scientific instruments including those for calculation
  • The Gemmary Antique Scientific Instruments and Old & Rare Books - both a dealer and store front for sales on consignment. Pricing tends to conform to the high quality of both the objects and the great care and expertise with which they are described, questions answered, and orders executed. The proprietor, Dr RC Blankenhorn is a well known expert in this field.
  • ebay US, ebay Australia, ebay Germany, ebay Austria, ebay France, ebay UK, ebay Italy and in general ebay around the world is probably the prime location for purchase of the more common (and some less common) antique calculation devices and books. Prices are very variable and if you are lucky ridiculously cheap (or conversely absurdly expensive). You are absolutely on your own in judging the merit of the items on offer. Dates and descriptions are often on a scale of misleading to fanciful. Things advertised as “rare” are more often than not not.
  • Gilai Collectibles.
  • Teseract Early Scientific Instruments - a pricey but high quality inventory of antique scientific instruments including a notable collection of rules, sectors, and surveying and measuring instruments.
  • Meeker’s Mechanical Nature Antiques - a cheap but generally not very old set of rules and drawing instruments.
  • The Best of Things - primarily of interest for vintage measuring tools, primarily but not only from America.
  • Scientific Instrument Society - UK listing of dealers in scientific instruments, notably including mathematical instruments.
  • Antique Scientific Instruments U.K..
  • Newbegin Antiques.
  • Antiques of Science and Technology A short list of calculators, prices on application.
  • Auction Team Breker (Köln (Godorf), Germany) run a scientific instruments speciality auction several times per year and occasionally also list items on ebay. Be aware that when they offer a calculator for sale they frequently attribute to it a much earlier date (for example, the date of the first patent) rather than the actual date of production.
  • Bonhams (London) run occasional auctions of scientific instruments.


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