The bulk of this website has been re-formatted and typeset as an ebook in pdf format.

To download the ebook right-click Download:ThingsThatCount_ebook.pdf

The book should be cited as:

Jim Falk, Things that Count: the rise and fall of calculators,, Melbourne, 2014.

Please note that this is a “living book”. That is, over time as the content of the website is developed so also will be the book. In this sense the book is published in a series of editions, each edition being identified by the date of publication shown on the book. It is this date which should be shown when citing the book.

The book covers all of the content of the website except the detailed descriptions of objects in collection Calculant and ancillary documentary material such as Patents.

Note that the graphics are not at high enough resolution for faithful reproduction on a printer. In due course a version suitable for printing will be made available.

Since the book is in a state of development any comment, whether correcting an error, adding and insight, or criticising an argument will be very welcome. Please click here to contact the author.

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