Unless I have obtained explicit authorisation, or the identification is already in the public domain or on another website, I do not intend to identify any owner of a gramophone by name. Where appropriate I will tend to use the pseudonyms from The Talking Machine Forum. If you are prepared to be referred to by name please let me know. If you have an issue in relation to your privacy on this site please contact me by email and I will fix it!

I do not publish email addresses nor do I supply other people’s email addresses in response to a third party enquiry. If I think a person for whom I have an email address may wish to respond to an enquiry I blind copy the enquiry to them for their interest, action, or inaction as they chose. Where the inquiry relates to a contribution in The Talking Machine Forum, it is my policy to simply respond that the Forum communication system should be used.

Jim Falk (site editor)

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