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(:title Ancilliary equipment and information for the EMG XA (Export):)

*[[OtherObjects.EMGXAEVideo|Other records played on the gramophone with different diagrams and needles]]

*[[here for some other pictures of this machine|Other pictures of this gramophone]]

*[[http://forum.talkingmachine.info/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=22907&p=136249&e=136249|Ongoing feedback on issues associated with this gramophone from the community of experts who comprise The Talking Machine Forum]]

* [[EMG 1934 catalogue|A catalogue describing in its pages the Mark Xa and the export modification (for an additional cost of 1 pound sterling)]].[^Thanks to Chunny for providing me with the pdf of this.^]

*[[~1930 Davey Rollright|~1930 Davey Rollrightfor sharpening thorn needles acquired for use with this machine]].

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