In the course of writing my latest book I decided it would be helpful to link together the programs I most use - namely:

  • MS Word
  • Devonthink Pro
  • Scrivener
  • Endnote
  • Safari

The resulting app - FlunkeyFox - enables any document in the Devonthink database to be retrieved from corresponding links in MS Word, and for Google Scholar to be used in Safari to find the full reference for the article, download it into Endnote, and import it as a footnote into MS Word. It also enables any of the programs to be launched with the documents that are being worked on for a particular project.

Download FlunkeyFox (version 2014–11–1)


This software will only run on a Mac computer. Provision of this software is subject to a GNU Licence for Download and Use of FlunkeyFox. This specifies that I am providing it free of charge, but its use is entirely at your own risk. Please let me know of any improvements you make to the source code and note the condition that if you use this code it may only be distributed under the same conditions as the original Licence.

Please respect the reality that whilst I have made this app available in case it is useful to others I do not have time to respond to other users’ demand for development in this program. In short any development will be paced by my own use. However, as I find it necessary to upgrade my version to deal with changes in the component programs, or if some useful extension seems worth adding, I intend to put updates up on this website. has been tested on a Macbook Pro running under Mavericks with MS Word for Mac 2011 version 14.4.3, Endnote 7, Devonthink Pro 2.8.1, Safari 7.1 and Scrivener 2.6. It may well work with other Mac versions of these programs (depending, in particular, on whether they have the current menu structure). It definitely does require the latest version of Safari as a consequence of a change in its User Interface.

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Page last modified on 04 November 2014