8 Nov 2021

ABC National News at Noon

Presenter: “And Jim Falk Prof of Physics (sic) at Melbourne University says we need to get proactive in facing sea change challenges.”

Robyn Williams (Science journalist and host ABC Science Show): “Yes, very impressive letter to the journal Nature and paper of research signed by 22 others saying as we face as they put it Climate Crisis, global crisis. what we need is a network of experts who can get together be it on health, rising tides, fires, so that they are standing by to be consulted. You know, scientists tend to work with their heads down on their own and we have seen during COVID that the health measures have been building up with networks ready to tackle the sort of problem that we have got. So he is suggesting that we have those networks standing by as we face what looks like an uncertain future instead of improvising as we go.”


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