The EMG Mark Xa is described on pages 6–7, with the modification to the export model (for an additional cost of 1 pound sterling) described on page 7.

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EMG Cat01
 p. 01
EMG Cat02
 p. 02
EMG Cat03
 p. 03
EMG Cat04
 p. 04
EMG Cat05
 p. 05
EMG Cat06
 p. 06
EMG Cat07
 p. 07
EMG Cat08
 p. 08
EMG Cat09
 p. 09
EMG Cat10
 p. 10
EMG Cat11
 p. 11
EMG Cat12
 p. 12
EMG Cat13
 p. 13
EMG Cat14
 p. 14
EMG Cat15
 p. 15
EMG Cat16
 p. 16

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