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3 Sep 2016

This is devastating. I am so very sorry.

Sue meant so much to me. As you know she has been my mentor for some 25 years, since the early days at COFA—and more lately on the board of our Institute.

I can’t begin to explain the depth of her impact of me and others here. She taught me almost everything i know about how to get things done in the workplace — and always with that amazing warmth and positivity.

Only yesterday she came to mind when some younger women came to me for advice on how to manage a case of gender inequity. I found myself passing on the same smart, invigorating and inspiring things that Sue had said to me decades ago.

In fact, whenever I am asked to give talks on mentoring, I talk a lot about Sue and her extraordinary gifts. As a supervisor she didn’t just help us to succeed as individuals; she showed us how to create opportunities, pathways and better working environments, both for ourselves and for others. This is a profound gift that is surprisingly rare in institutions. Perhaps because it is more difficult than it sounds!

But it does mean that Sue’s legacy lives in us — in me and all those sassy women Sue inspired to shake up university and government departments. It is absolutely tangible in the way we continue to grow and support each other.

There really aren’t that many truly transformative mentors. I was privileged indeed to have the very best.

My deepest sympathy and love to you all. Like many others, I am heartbroken tonight but remembering such lovely times.

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