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*see [[|family tree entry]]
*see [[|family tree entry]]
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*see [[|family tree entry]]

*[[|Reflections by a grandson - A much quoted paper]] by PeterCassirer on his grandfather Ernst Cassirer.

*[[|The Breslau Generation-From Breslau to Berlin]]

*[[|Cassirers after Hitler - The Scattered Generations]]

!!!Some useful references
There has been something of a Cassirer renaissance in recent years where his philosophy has been recognised has having particular contemporary relevance.  There is a correspondingly massive set of secondary analyses of his work and compilations of primary documents.  Below are a few of the more interesting sites.

*[[|Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: "Ernst Cassirer"]]
*[[|PhilPapers: Works of Ernst Cassirer]]
*[[|PhilPapers: Ernst Cassirer in 20th Century Philosophy]]
*[[|Hudson Review: The Humanism of Ernst Cassirer]]
*[[|The Cassirer Project]]

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