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~1929 at the wedding
of Else Falk and
Helmuth Schlesinger
Claude Cassirer


Claude Cassirer
~1929 at the wedding
Close up

ClaudeC a Unknown

Claude Cassirer
With his nanny

Claude Lilly

Claude Cassirer and
Lilly Dispecker

ClaudeC Fritz aGrandfather

Claude Cassirer
Father Fritz Cassirer
and Max Cassirer

ClaudeCPass Nazis

19 Dec 1937
Nazi Passport


1937 further

ClaudeCEarly Beverly

Claude and young wife
Beverly Cassirer 1945

ClaudeC a Beverly2

Claude and
Beverly Cassirer

ClaudeC inherited furniture

Inherited furniture

ClaudeC Bev

Claude and Beverly


Claude at the Gallery

Claude and Painting

Claude fighting for his painting

ClaudeCLate Beverly

Still together

ClaudeCRecent Beverly

Still together

ClaudeC Beverly

The love of Claude's life
Beverly Cassirer (nee Bellin)


1 For identification of many of those present click here. Note Back l-r Erich Cassirer, Heinz Cassirer, and Werner Falk; Fritz Cassirer (Claude's father) back far right. Front l-r Lilly Cassirer (nee Dispecker) and perhaps between them Lilly's mother.

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