Can you help identify these Cassirer relatives?

The following photographs are shown with numbers to help refer to each person there. Where I have a tentitive identification it is given. This is a request for help in either identifying others, or correcting incorrect identifications here. If you can help please contact the site editor.

1. A Cassirer Reunion celebrating Wedding Anniversary of Eduard and Jenny Cassirer, Berlin. [Source Peter Cassirer.]  This has been dated as 1908.  However, the presence of Lucie Oberwarth (26) suggests a date of no later than 1904 since she and Paul Cassirer were divorced on 21 May 1904.

Tentative identifications: 1. Bruno Cassirer, 2. Else Cassirer,  3. Agnes Cassirer, 4. Sophie Cassirer, 5.Eugenie (Jenny) Cassirer, 6. Eduard Cassirer, 8. Georg Eugen Cassirer?, 9. Anna Cassirer?, 11. Otto Bondi?, 12. Isidor Cassirer, 13. Lydia Cassirer, 14 Betty Cassirer?, 15 Toni Cassirer (nee Bondy,) 16 Richard Cassirer?, 17 Hedwig (Hede) Cassirer?, 23 Max Cassirer, 24. Walter Bondy, 25 Paul Cassirer, 26 Lucie Oberwarth, 27 Alfred Cassirer? 28 Ernst Cassirer, 29 Julie Bondi (nee Cassirer)?, 33 Lilly Diespecker?, 35 Kurt Goldstein or more probably Martin Cassirer?, 36 (left) Fritz Leopold Cassirer?, 36 (right) Julcher Cassirer?

It is still not clear who are persons 5 and 6.

2. The Wedding Dinner for Rudolf Walter Cassirer's Marriage to Eli Ruth, 1920. [Source Ernest Cassirer]

8. Isidor Cassirer, 9 Eli Ruth, 10. Rudolph Cassirer, 11. Lydia Kopelansky, 27 Max Cassirer

3. The Wedding Dinner for Helmuth Schlesinger and Else Schlesinger (ne Else Cassirer) abt 1930.

Tentative identifications: 1. Erich Cassirer; 2. Heinz Cassirer; 3. Werner Ferdinand (David) Falk; 4. Rudolph Cassirer, 7. Erich Falk?; 8. Fritz Cassirer (Claude Cassirer's father); 9. Erika Cassirer (nee Michael) - Erich Cassirer's wife; 11. Else Schiffer nee Knopf; 13. Max Cassirer, 14. Lila Bolder (daughter of Bertha A. Bolder); 15. Bertha Adler
Bolder (daughter of Anna B. Adler);16 Anna Blumenau Adler; 17. Betty Falk (ne Cassirer); 23. Lilly Cassirer; 25. Klaus (Claude) Cassirer; 26. Else Schlesinger (nee Falk); 27. Helmuth Schlesinger; 28. Anna Falk?, 29. Fritz Falk, 30. Margarete (Gretchen) Falk nee Karo.

4. Otto Bondy and Julie Bondy (ne Cassirer) family photo

Tentative identifications:  Left to right - .1 Walter Bondy, 2. Toni Bondy?, 3. Julie Bondy, 4.Edith Bondy?, 5. Martha Bondy?, 6. Ernst Cassirer, 7. Otto Bondy.

4. Jenny and Eduard Cassirer (abt 41 y) with son Martin (abt 5 y) about 1885?

[source: Ben Bano]