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AA1SC SchifferFritz

Fritz Schiffer

AA1SC SchifferFritzinUniform

Fritz Schiffer
in uniform

AA1SC SchifferLRFritzLotteCElseHugoC

l-r Fritz Schiffer
Lotte Cassirer (nee Jacobi)
Else Knopf
Hugo Cassirer

AA1SC SchifferFritzGrave

Fritz Schiffer

AA1SC SchifferElseneeKnopf

Else Schiffer (nee Knopf)

AA1SC LodzRecordDetails001

Else Schiffer (nee Knopf)
Lodz Concentration Camp
Record of inmates

AA1SC RecordDetails001

Else Schiffer (nee Knopf)
Central Database of Shoah Victims

AA1SC SchifferElseInscription

Else Schiffer (nee Knopf)
Inscription added in her honour


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