7 Sep 2016

We were shocked, horrified and saddened to hear of Sue’s death, and like so many of your friends are at a loss to know what to say. Sue was such a bright ray of light in so many ways, not least because of the intellectual rigour she injected into the broad arts and design discipline. We remember with fond affection her arrival at COFA and the transformation she made there. She can be credited with raising the bar especially with her emphasis on research built on sound scholarship. Of course she went on to be a greater influence in her later roles at ARC and at UTS and many owe her a debt of gratitude for that. Rosemary was delighted to join with Sue on the Board of Object now the Australian Design Centre.

For all that Sue has contributed to her discipline and community, she will be remembered most by us both, as a joyous contributor to life. We are so pleased to have known her and been a little part of your life together.

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