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Paul CassirerFuneral1

Funeral of Paul Cassirer 1926.
Tilla Durieux and two others mourners.1

Paul CassirerFuneral2

Funeral of Paul Cassirer 1926.
Mourners at the coffin.

Paul CassirerFuneral3

Funeral of Paul Cassirer 1926.
Pallbearers escort coffin to the graveside.
Bruno Cassirer front left.

Paul Cassirer Funeral

Funeral of Paul Cassirer 1926.
Tilla Durieux at the graveside.
Ernst Cassirer in background.

Paul Cassirer BS Jury

Berlin Succession Jury 1904.2

PaulCassirer Gallery

In the Kunstsalon Cassirer gallery.


Kunstsalon Cassirer3


Kunstsalon Cassirer4


Kunstsalon Cassirer meeting room5


Leopold Graf Von Kalckreuth Portrait
Paul Cassirer6


Paul Cassirer7


Cover of book edited by Thomas Raff, on Paul Cassirer.8

GravePaulCassirer TillaDurieux

Grave of Tilla Durieux (left) and
Paul Cassirer (right)


Detail of Paul Cassirer's tomb stone


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2 l-r Fritz Klimsch, sculptor; August Gaul, sculptor; Walter Leistikow, painter; Hans Baluschek, painter; Paul Cassirer, art dealer; Max Slevogt (sitting), painter; George Mosson (standing), painter; Max Kruse, sculptor; Max Liebermann (sitting), painter; Emil Rudolf Weiss, painter; Lovis Corinth, painter: From http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Cassirer.

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