Otto Bondy husband of Julie Cassirer, in 1882 established the Cable Factory known as Das Kabelwerk in the suburb Penzing in Vienna. The company was quick to gain some substantial contracts, including in 1887, the contract for the complete electrical lighting of the Vienna Opera. It also exported to almost all countries of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. From 1888 it produced not only cables, but also metal-parts ("trimmings") for the textile industry. It was a good time to be in the business of electrification. The factory built on this burgeoning market manufacturing insulated wires and cables not only for the transmission of power, but also the transmission of information / telecommunications. The factory was rebuilt after being virtually destroyed by an air-raid in 1945 during World War II.

However, Otto Bondy's role in relation to the factory diminished after 1906 when Otto Bondy sold most of his interest in it and moved to Wilmersdorf in Berlin and his remaining involvement ended with the takeover of the business which was now run under the name "Cable and Wire Factory AG Vienna".1 Below is the Kabelwerks in 1905.


1 See history at viewed 9 Feb 2013

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