6 Sep 2016

I asked Jeanette Hoorn to let some of her colleagues know about Sue. They got back to her immediately and have asked me to pass on a message to you about how sad they are that Sue will no longer be with us.

Margaret Sheill will be there on Friday and Marilyn Lake, who is in Cambridge Mass at the moment is very shocked and asked that we pass on her condolences to you, along with Kate Darian-Smith and Deirdre Coleman. They want to convey to you the fact that so many people loved her. She supported so many and worked endlessly for the humanities in Australia.

Barb Creed, Joy Damousi and Jeanette Hoorn, who knew Sue well through the ARC in particular... have asked me to let you know how very sad they are to hear this news. As Joy put it so well, Sue was 'a beautiful person - with warmth and wit and always with so much laughter.'

We'll all miss her terribly.

Annette Blonski

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