What shocking news,…shocking in the suddenness and unexpectedness of this event,…shocking for the ‘absence’ of such a bright and lively light in the world of Arts Education and shocking for our institution that owes/owed Sue a great big thank you for so many things,…and now we are not able to relay it, personally. Ian Howard, former Dean of COFA

What very sad news! I remember Sue as a generous, dynamic Head of School. Diane Losche

It’s devastating. The country has lost a great advocate and inspiration to many. I hope we can do something to commemorate her memory. Peter Mc Neil (UTS Design, former COFA)

I’m so sorry to hear this. It is so sad. Sue was such a wonderful mentor to many. She will be very missed. It seems not so long ago that we all went down to Wollongong for Sue’s 50th. She said “Well, it seems I have to turn 50 so we may as well celebrate it”. I remember that so clearly: candid acknowledgement of the inevitability of aging. Felicity Fenner, Gallery Director COFA/UNSW

I am shocked! So sad. What a loss to all of us. Vaughan Rees, Design

That's terrible news. Sue will be remembered as a transforming leader for the school. Graham Forsyth Associate Dean (Academic) UNSW Art and Design

Oh how sad. We did the India trip together. Terrible to hear and a great loss of a woman who pioneered research and was such a powerhouse… Ahhh...Much love xxxx Lynne Roberts-Goodwin

This is very sad news indeed. Sue was a role model and exemplary leader for the sector especially during her time as Executive Director at the ARC. Dennis Del Favero ARC Executive Director Humanities and Creative Arts

This is so sad and I am shocked by the unexpectedness of her death. Sue was an inspirational and visionary researcher, educator and advocate for the visual arts sector, our institution and many will be saddened by this news and acknowledge her contribution. Liz Williamson Design : Textiles

That is such sad and shocking news. Sue made an incredible contribution not just to our School, but to the wider arts and research communities. She will be greatly missed. Ross Harley, Dean

There are no words. Devastating news. I was fortunate to be taught and mentored by Sue, me amongst so many other people that she supported and inspired. Mari Velonaki

Anna Munster called and spoke about Sue as an inspiration for women and a very important mentor, also noting how women mentored by Sue carry forward what we learnt from her.

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