Note 1. From Niels Waller. Kurt Preston met in Vienna in July 13 - July 19 2010 to research their common ancestral roots (Niel's grandmother Edith (Bondy) Waller is the sister of Kurt's grandmother, Martha (Bondyr) Pollak). They were to be given a tour of the old cableworks factory originally started by Neil's great grandfather, Otto Bondy. Neils had recently been sent this link - - which includes many nice photos of the factory from its earliest days....

Note 2. From a letter to Niels Waller from Georg Hitsch (2010). who now maintains a magnificent website on the Kabelwerk.

  • The area of the "Kabel- und Drahtwerke AG" is nowadays called "Kabelwerk".

There are now living approx 3000 people here. I have a private (non commercial) webpage running on <> This webpage is unfortunately only in german language.

Georg has:

  • approx 40 photos from the "Bezirksmuseum Meidling" of the KDAG, from 1908 till 1998. (approx 150 MB)

  • some original stock-shares of KDAG from 1942.

(they are not yet online)

  • from SIEMENS (which was the last owner of the KDAG company) a 28 pages brochure of 1972 about the history of KDAG. (approx 10 MB)

  • some "old" photos from 2004, before the begin of the construction of the new area:

  • from the process of building of this new part of the town between 2005 and 2009: - approx 2000 photos from the first digging till finalisation

  • some photos shot from a big crane, how the area looks today:

  • "Kabel, Kupfer, Kunst" from Mr. Tano Bojankin,%20Kupfer,%20Kunst.%20Walter%20Bondy%20und%20sein%20famili%E4res%20Umfeld,%202008.pdf

  • Some of the multiple studies (the book people must write, when they want to get a PH.D or similar thing) regarding the area of Kabelwerk.

Georg notes:

  • There are currently 2 more books available. (1 of them is also english language)

- one is regarding the process of "designing" the new area - one is with photos shot 3 months after the close down of the KDAG company in 1997

  • Regarding the exhibition:

The plan is to show the people living in this are an exhibition about the area, with the following points: We have multiple exhibitions room here on the Kabelwerk area. Have a look at some of the rooms here: - virtual tours I will use a approx 240m2 room (I think this sould be approx 2200 square-feet) with the following stations:

1. History (1908-1998) 2. The planning process of the new city-part Kabelwerk 3. The culturale usage of the area between 1998 and 2005 4. the building process (2005-2010) 5. the "new" city part Kabelwerk (2006++)

The exhibition will be supported: - by the "Bezirksmuseum Meidling" / museum of district of Meidling - by the "Bezirks Meidling" / district Meidling, which is part of Vienna - by the people who planned the kabelwerk - by the cultural organisations, who have played on the area, and are now playing again - by the "owner" of the area, which is the "Kabelwerk Bauträger Gmb H?"

The entrance will be free of charge, there will also be an "internet documentation" / virtual exhibition available. Have a look at how we are right now documenting the exhibitions held now.

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