Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameLewis Wolfe/Eliezer Ha Levi LEVY
Birth13 Jun 1815, London England
Death25 Jan 1885, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
Burial27 Jan 1885, Rookwood, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia
*New [EDUC]10
*New [RELI]Jewish
Birth1 Feb 1826, Bath, Somerset, England
Death5 Sep 1914, Cahors, Macleay S, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Burial7 Sep 1914, Rookwood, Lidcombe, NSW, Australia
*New [EDUC]11
*New [RELI]Jewish
FatherSamuel SOLOMON (1782-1856)
MotherRebecca MOSS (1788-1864)
Marriage19 Feb 1845, York St Syn, Sydney, NSW, Australia
 Rebecca [Re'] (1849-1933)
 Celia (1852-1854)
 Samuel Eleazer (1854-1934)
 David Leopold (1856-1942)
 Roselind (1859-1930)
 Harry Solomon (1860-1918)
 Bertha (1862-1958)
 Louis (1864-1942)
 Herbert Saul (1866-1951)
 Septimus Raphael (1867-1934)
 Octavius (1869-1949)
Notes for Lewis Wolfe/Eliezer Ha Levi LEVY
He was said to have arrived in Australia in 1840. In this regard it is possible that he was the Mr Levy who arrived in Sydney from London in the Portland on 29 April 1840. This information from a list prepared by Nola Mackey, Whiteman Creek, 2460. His certificate of death shows him as being in NSW for 44 years.

Marriage Register spells his second name as WOLFF, but this may only be the interpretation of the clergyman. As with all Jewish names it has to be remebered that the spelling is a matter of translation and interpretation from the Hebrew and or Yiddish Hebrew. From the signature it is not possible to verify exactly the spelling of either Wolf or Levy. Witnesses were Moses Joseph and Abraham Levy. Reference V1845 68 135.

The source of the names and dates of birth of his children are taken from the Family Register which is in the front of the Hebrew/English Bible which belonged either to his wife, Julia or his daughter Rebecca. It also lists their spouses, but not always the date of marriage. The registration of his death shows mother, Martha and father Benjamin Wolfe Levy. The entry for his son Benn in the Burial Register of the United Synagogue (London) shows his father's name as Eliezer Ha Levi - presumably this is correct, but needs checking with some Sydney records. the Bible was given to me by Primrose Moss.

There is an an article in the Australian Jewish Historical Society, Vol 6, Part 8 July 1970, entitled Lewis Wolfe Levy, Dedication and Memoir. This is a memorial published by his children after his death in 1885. It states that 'at the desire of several of his relatives who had previously migrated to Australia, he decided in 1840 to leave his home and seek his fortunes in what was then an almost unknown country.' .. In 1845 he married Julia, daughter of Samuel Solomon, ... About this period he joined the firm of David Cohen & Co., Death Duty register no 20/6996 Z 5908. Value of the estate sworn as under Australian pounds 245,311-0-0.

LW Levy was the first cousin of Samuel, David and Lewis Cohen.

Royal Australian Historical Society Index shows Levy fountain in Sydney Botanical Gardens, Part 3, Vol XVII p 158. In this it is described as 'a beautiful structure of polished red and white granite, surmounted by a charming bronze female figure by Birch'. This fountain was restored in 1999 and on 21 August 1999, an article about the restoration appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald. The restoration was done at a cost of $70,000 and was funded by the Gardens.

One of the houses that he owned was Cintra at 47 Regent Street, in Maitland. He built this house, but it is not clear for how long he and his family lived there. Perhaps he never did. It was probably built by him for his son Benn who lived there for a few years.

Some people think that Benn or Sep Levy (who also lived there) were the owners. According to the Deceased estate files at Kingswood , the house was part of the estate of LW Levy. The next door house, currently called Benholme and run by the Benevolent Society as a home for elderley people, is often cited as another of the Levy houses. This house was not built by the Levy family, nor was it ever owned by them, but perhaps they lived in it for a time. However as yet there are no facts to support either possibility. Until more work has been done at the Registrar General's Department this will not be resolved.

References to him in the Maitland Mercury - 21 Jan 1842 , Sales by Auction 14 Apr 1863, going to Sydney; 10 May 1883, Presentation; 26 April 1879, re Cintra; 27 Jan 1885, death; 27 Jan 1885 closure of warehouses; about one week later obituary; all from Rebecca Reid -

I am told that he and Julia visited England in about 1877. The Jewish Chronicle of 6.2.1885, carried the announcement of his death, also a short obituary.

His certificate of death lists his parents as Benjamin Wolfe Levy, a merchant and Martha Levy (the question being maiden name of mother). The cause of his death was Thrombosis of veins of legs and lungs from which he had been suffering for two months. The place of his death was Macleay Street and name shown was Louis Wolfe Levy aged 69 years. Thirteen children are listed as living with two females deceased. I only know of one deceased, that being Celia.
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