Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameMarkus (‘Meir’) CASSIRER
Birth2 Apr 1801, Bujakow755,756
Death8 Oct 1879, Breslau, Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland)110,757
OccupationMerchant (Kaufmann) (GSU) Cloth Merchant and maker of looms.758
MotherEva FISCHER (1771-1852)
Birth18 Jan 1813, Gleiwitz, Silesia, Germany759,760
Death27 Aug 1889, Breslau, Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland)110
FatherSalomon STEINITZ (1751-1830)
MotherRachel GUTTENTAGER (1779-1833)
Family Media
ChildrenLouis (Leupold) (1839-1904)
 Julius (1841-1924)
 Eduard (1843-1916)
 Rosalie (1845-1911)
 Salomon (Salo) (1847-1917)
 Moritz (1853-)
 Max (1857-1943)
 Isidor (1859-1929)
 Julie (1860-1914)
 Ludwig (~1850-1874)
Notes for Markus (‘Meir’) CASSIRER
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The recovered death register gives Markus’s Hebrew name as Meir. (see multimedia)

See also Notes: WD Falk Account: In the 1860s, Markus and Jeanette Cassirer lived in Upper Silesia in a place called Schwientochlowitz. Their children all moved away from the country as they grew up and moved to Breslau. In Breslau they had an uncle [Siegfried Cassirer?? JF] who was very interested in these boys and, as they came, would find jobs for them in his trade - the timber trade. Only the youngest one was sent to the University.

(Schwientochlowitz is about 22 km by road from Bujakow, near Kattowitz in Poland - see Later schwientochlowitz was to become the site of a Nazi work camp where 2500 men women and children were murdered in only 7 months.)761

According to Werner Falk’s recollection Markus and Jeanette established a country pub where they made and sold Schlibowitz (a Schnapps) according to their own recipe. The records show them as Cloth Merchants and Distillers, whilst Markus’s brother Siegfried is shown as a Brewer.

Renate Steinitz has the following data for Markus Cassirer. The birth date is not quite consistent with information on hand, but the death date is. Note that this also confirms that Markus’s father was Moses (Mausche) Cassirer of Bujakow. The day of Markus’s death is reported by Renate Steinitz: “Marcus Cassirer: Born 08.08.1809 in Bujakow, Died 27.10.1879 in Breslau, Father Moses C. 1771-1852”.

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