A shared friendship, and a shared fate (Willy Bodlaender and Lucie Lasker)
A connection to Vera Cassirer, and Ernst Cassirer’s furniture
Annette Atsmon
Willy Bodlaender
Letters mentioning concern about his fate, 1942
Letter  from Edith and Franz Weigert reporting Willy’s death, 1943
Genealogy of Willy Bodlaender
Louis Bodlaender
Genealogy of Louis Bodlaender
Photos of the Willy, Grete, Lotte and Marianne ne Bodlaender and their partners
Bodlaenders: Marianne, Grete, Lotte, Willy, Hans and Robert, Neustadt about 1924
Picture of Willy Bodlaender, May 1930
Postcard from Willy Bodlaender in New York, 14 Sep 1934 (includes picture of Willy).
Marianne Bodlaender and her brother Willy Bodlaender as children
Marianne Goldmann ne Bodlaender on her 96th birthday
Charlotte Singer ne Bodlaender
Dr Robert Singer
Grete Bodlaender and Johannes (Hans) Austerlitz