Photo Album of Miriam Laparne
Introduction to the Miriam Cassirer Laparne Album
Anecdotes and recollections
Grandfather and Grandmother (Adele Baron)
Johanna Cassirer’s mother Adele and father 1908
Johanna Cassirer’s mother Adele with her husband
Grandfather Albert Baron (Johanna Cassirer’s father)
Adele Baron (ne Oma)
Great Uncle (Hugo)
Hugo Baron (Johanna’s Uncle)
Uncle and Aunt (Fritz and Tutti)
Uncle Fritz Cassirer
Aunt “Tutti” Gertrude Steinberg (Johanna Cassirer’s sister)
Mother and Father (Johanna and Rudolph)
Johanna “Hanni” Cassirer (ne Baron)
Johanna Cassirer and mother Adele Baron
Johanna and husband Rudolph Cassirer in Berlin
Rudolph Cassirer 1936
Johanna Baron and sister Gertrude
Sister, Brother, son (Miriam, Ernest, David)
Johanna Cassirer (ne Baron) and Miriam Cassirer Laparne
Miriam and Johanna Cassirer
Ernest and Miriam Cassirer Laparne
Miriam Cassirer LaParne
Miriam and Anthony LaParne on their wedding day
Ernest Cassirer, wife Marion and son David, and Miriam Cassirer Laparne
Cousin (Ella)
Ella (Johanna Cassirer’s first cousin)
Holocaust Victim
Unknown -  possibly a sister of Ella and husband?
Friend (Georg)
12 Dr Georg Lowenstein - a family friend