Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameDr Eva CASSIRER 110
Birth28 Jan 1920, Berlin, Germany
Death19 Sep 2009, Calvia, Mallorca633
FatherDr. jur. Alfred CASSIRER (1882-1932)
Notes for Dr Eva CASSIRER
Lived through the war in Berlin and was still living there and Mallorca until her death in Mallorca in 2009.

For a wonderful picture tribute to her see

Had submitted a claim in relation to stolen art appropriated by the Nazis - see US National Archives and Records Administration Claim no GER003, Box 755 390/45/16/03.634

The two early photos (Eva and Leonard Bermann, 1920s; and Eva at age 20, abt 1940-1941) were kindly provided by Chris Berman, son of Leonard (Leonhart) Til Bermann (1922-2005), whose step grandfather was Leo Blumenreich, Hannah Sotscheck’s second husband.635
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