Central Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall and reunification of Germay

1. Schwienfurt -see Don Menachem Chajim Ha-Kohen. (The Odenwald, the site of the Odenwaldschule (established by Max Cassirer) lies about 100 miles to the West of Schweinfurt, north of Heidelberg.)

2. Dessau - see Ferdinand Falk

3. Berlin - where the Cassirer brothers conducted their business.

4. Breslau, now Wroclaw. See the Cassirer "Breslau Generation".

5. Schwientochlowitz. The city of Schwientochlowitz, now Swietochlowice is within the Kreis ('cirle' or 'county') of Bytom which includes also the City of Bytom (previously Beuthen) in a dense industrialized agglomeration of separated cities and villages - see Markus Cassirer and Jeanette Steinitz

6. Krakow -see Moses ben Israel Lazarus (Isserles-Lazarus)