Cassirer Family Reunion: Berlin 2002

A reunion of relatives of the Cassirer family was held in Berlin in 2002. It was by all accounts a great success. Niels Waller has provided the following photographs from the reunion.

Those who attended were:

Peter Cassirer , Irene Sychrava , Penny Sychrava, Niels Waller and Caprice Waller, Ernest (Ernst Wolfgang) Cassirer, Esther Harris and John Harris, Ben Bano and Marie-Claude Bano, Eva Cassirer, Peter Paret and Isabel Paret, Aimèe Paret and Wolfgang Fink and children Samuel and Eleanor, Renate Morrison, Katharine Morrison and son Ben, Margaret Morrison, Marianne Serck-Hanssen and Eilif Serck-Hanssen, Eilif Serck-Hanssen and Marete Serck-Hanssen and son Peter, Irene Thomas, Johanna Goerke and Maria Sibylla Ponizil, and Michael Geballe.

Pia Woefler came to a gathering at Peter Cassirer's house. John Krois (a philosopher from Humbolt University and specialist on Ernst Cassirer, and his son Michael Alexander also attended and Michael made a video.)

Nils Woelfler (son of Hanna b. Pollack), Niels Waller, Pia Woelfler (daughter of Nils), Peter Cassirer (at a gathering at Peter Cassirer's house)

Niels, Nils, and Peter (at a gathering at Peter Cassirer's house)

Irene Thomas and Isabel Paret

Esther Harris, Margaret Morrison, and Katherine Morrison

Isabel Paret, Irene Sychrava and Renate Morrison

Ernest (Ernst Wolfgang) Cassirer, Peter Paret and John Krois

Sibylla Ponizil and Irene Thomas

Krois (photographer, son of John Krois), Margaret Morrison, Renate Morrison, and Isabel Paret

Katherine Morrison, Margaret Morrison, and Esther Harris

Eilif Serck-Hanssen, Marete Serck-Hanssen and son Peter, Marianne Serck-Hanssen, Eilif Serck-Hanssen, John Harris, and Johanna Goerke

Ernest (Ernst Wolfgang) Cassirer

Peter Paret, Aimèe Paret, and Ben Morrison

Family members with genealogist Michael Geballe

Irene Sychrava and Penny Sychrava

Family members enjoying a coffee break

Irene Sychrava and Aimèe Paret

Penny, Aimèe, and Peter

Ernest Cassirer and Peter Paret

John Krois and Niels Waller

Niels, Irene, and Peter (our grandmothers were sisters!)

Eilif and Peter Serck-Hanssen

Ben, Renate and Margaret Morrison

Johanna Goerke and Maria Sibylla Ponizil

After dinner chat.

Some chatting.

Some napping


Esther Harris and Marianne Serck-Hanssen

Ben enjoying a grape.

Peter enjoying a nap.

Irene and Peter

The Cassirer Family Reunion Berlin 2002 Group Photograph