Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameHannah SOLOMON
Birth1827, England
Death1918, Home of Peace, Colm, CA., USA
FatherSamuel SOLOMON (1782-1856)
MotherRebecca MOSS (1788-1864)
Birth4 Sep 1819, London England
Death11 Jun 1874, San Francisco USA
*New [OCCU]Draper
*New [RELI]Jewish
Marriage18 Jun 1845, Sydney NSW Australia
Notes for Hannah SOLOMON
She is mentioned in the will of her sister Julia Levy.

According to the list of descendants I received from Roger and Jean Edwards (via Internet from California) their children were Rose, Julia, Kate, Rebecca, Etta, Thomas, Henry, Samuel, John, Hattie, Albert and Ralph.

There are many descendants of this couple amongst them Nancy Keesing a well-known author.
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