Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameDr Heinrich Walter (Heinz) CASSIRER
Birth9 Aug 1903
Death20 Feb 1979823
Mother(Antonelle) Toni BONDY (1883-1961)
ChildrenIrene (1930-)
Marriageabt 1958824
Notes for Dr Heinrich Walter (Heinz) CASSIRER
See also Notes: Misc Note 2 - a comment by Jim Falk, and Barbara Falk on Donald Mackinnon
WD Falk Account

Donald M. Mackinnon account: “Dr Heinz Cassirer, the son of Professor Ernst Cassirer came to Oxford from Glasgow where as a protege to Professor H.J. Paton, who had been professor of logic and metaphysics there before returning to Oxford as White’s Professor of Moral Philosophy in 1937, he had written in English a commentary on Kant’s Critique of Judgment. Cassirer had lived under the shadow of his very distinguished father in Germany before the Nazis came to power, and felt the need to define his identity not only in the alien world of Oxford, but in relation to Ernst. This though he shared his father’s great regard for Kant’s philosophy, on which he often lectured, summarising in Kant’s First Critique (1955) his own views of Kant’s relation to the then widely prevailing empiricism. (This book however appeared after Heinz Cassirer had returned to a lectureship in Glasgow.) A gifted man, more continually aware of the horrors he had left behind him in Germany than many realised, Cassirer also achieved... a remarkable translation of Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason, which he later revised, and which many hope may still be published. No one who had the good fortune to know her will ever forget the grace of Cassirer’s first wife, and the hospitality she offered in the confined environment of their Oxford Home. Aware that there was not likely to be a permanent appointment for him in Oxford, in 1946 Cassirer sought and obtained the position in Glasgow which he occupied until retirement.”825

Books published include: Heinrich W Cassirer, Grace and Law: St. Paul, Kant and the Hebrew Prophets, Books on Demand, ISBN 0-7837-6556-8 / 0783765568. 826
Misc Note 2 notes for Dr Heinrich Walter (Heinz) CASSIRER
Jim Falk’s comment: “I think it was Heinz Cassirer who once encountered a friend of mine, Harry Redner, a political philosopher, when he was in England, in a subway, and then pursued him all the way up the subway, with his dog, lecturing him about how he was related to an incredibly famous philosopher.”

Barbara Falk - a footnote on Donald Mackinon. Once his wife was walking in South Park Road in Oxford and she lamented the fact that there were no longer eccentrics in Oxford. Donald had once said to Barbara when she was pushing the pram with Anne in it, “What have you got in there?” He looked and said, very suprised, “Oh, a baby!”. He also was known on a sunny day to tutor by poking his head out one window, whilst his students were required to poke their heads out an adjacent window if they wished here what he had to say. Also, it is recounted that once he was lying as usual with his head under his study table when the Bishop of Oxford made a remark of which he disapproved. At that moment the head poked tortoise like from under the table cloth and bit the Bishop on his gaitered leg.
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