Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameHans Heinrich (Howard) WALLER
Birth15 Sep 1922121
Death18 Dec 1970, USA
MotherEdith Lilli BONDY (1893-1977)
Marriage27 May 194963
ChildrenSherry Lynn (1955-)
 Niels G. (1957-)
 Lisa Joan (1959-)
Notes for Hans Heinrich (Howard) WALLER
Worked in the leather tanning business. Always smoked a pipe. Died of liver cancer. Changed name to Howard during WWII. Worked as a spy behind German lines. After the war worked as an interpreter at the Nuremberg trials. 121

Niels Waller recounts that Hans was living in NY with his mother and father. One day he went to a local deli for some lunch and noticed a man staring at him. The man had recently arrived in the US from Europe. Many glances, but no words were exchanged. The next day Hans returned to the deli accompanied by his mother Edith Bondi. The mystery man was again eating lunch at the deli. Although they had never met before Edith Bondi goes up to the man and says "You must be a Cassirer -- you have the Cassirer forehead." The man in question was Claude Cassirer. Claude told Niels that his father had found Claude his first job in the US.
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