Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
Birth26 Jun 1933, Berlin, Germany
Death7 Oct 2020, Gothenburg, Sweden562
OccupationOpera Singer. Lecturer in Nordic Languages (since 1970), Sweden
FatherGeorg Eugen CASSIRER (1904-1958)
MotherVera CHOTZEN (1905-1954)
Birth24 Feb 1930, Ulricehamn
Death8 Jul 2014, Göteborg, Sweden563
Marriage23 Dec 1966, Göteborg, Sweden
Notes for Dr Peter CASSIRER
Peter Cassirer was born in June 1933  in Berlin as the son of the pianist Vera (née Chotzen) and Georg Cassirer, later a photographer in Sweden).

Peter was also the grandson of Ernst Cassirer. In 1935 Ernst Cassirer was given a personal Chair at the University of Goeteborg which he held to 1941.  This  made it possible for his son with his family to emigrate to Sweden.  Peter lives with his wife Ulla, in Göteborg.  His earlier career was as an opera singer, singing smaller tenor parts as Remendado, don Curzio and the circus director in Thye Bartered Bride (his favourite rôle).

Peter was the first to re-introduce Rhetoric as a university subject in Sweden which he did at the Institute for Nordic Languages of  Göteborg University. He taught there from 1970 until his retirement in '98.  During that time he concerned himself in teaching and research in particular in relation to problems of stylistics, semiotic, semantics and rhetoric. In his most important publications he has treated questions of stylistics,  rhetoric, conversation as well as the didactical switching in linguistic questions. Peter's publications, aside from those in Swedish, include 'On the place of stylistics' (1975), 'Linguistik, Stilistik und Pragmatik' (1977), 'Probleme der Beschreibung in der interpretativen Stilistik' (1977), and 'Regeln der alltäglichen Kommunikation als Grundlage der interpretativen Stilistik'(1981) - an essay on a well-known swedish shortstory by the Nobel prize laureat Pär Lagerkvist, based upon the rules of everyday conversation as construed by the philosopher H. P. Grice. In 1982 he published in English an investigation of political debate on Swedish television. Peter Cassirer's research thus lies in the area of conflict of linguistics, stylistics and literature science and inform the structuralist hermeneutics he has developed.

More recently Peter Cassirer worked on an essay on Nobel laureat Imre Kertész most well-known novel ('Fateless', Roman eines Schicksallosen) which he hopes will be published also in German.

Peter was found deceased in his home on 7 October 2020. It is a sad loss for all who had the pleasure and fun of knowing him.

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