Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet
NameMoses ben Loebel CASSIRER 110
Death28 Apr 1837, Breslau, Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland)536
FatherLoebel Moses CASSIRER (1738-1808)
Marriage4 Sep 1797537,538
ChildrenAbraham (1798-)
 Markus (1801-~1880)
 Joseph (1805-)
 Jochem (1806-)
 Loebel (1809-)
 Jacob (1811-)
 Siegfried (1812-~1897)
Notes for Moses ben Loebel CASSIRER
We know nothing about the remaining children of Moses ben Loebel. However there is one intriguing possible but not proved connection. The chain of argument goes as follows:

There are two references now to a small cemetery in Golgolin with 30 remaining gravestones which include some Cassirers (Cassierer, Cassirera).  This line begins with Simon Cassirer (1848-1914) and Leopold Cassirer (1847-1927).  Simon Cassirer was a the owner of the distillery (the local name survives today Breneraje) and one of lime plants in Gogolin. Probably the father of Simon and Leopold Cassirer was a ruler of the Jewish branch in Gogolin.

Golgolin (what is now Krapkowice) is about 15 km from Oberglogau, Kreis Neustadt (now Glogowek) where Siegfried Cassirer (1812-1897) was also a Brewer.  There is also a gravestone for Ernestine Cassirer (born 1817). 

Could Ernestine have been a first wife for Siegfried, and Henriette Fisher (1821-91)?  This is not possible because Henriette's children (Jenny and Julie were born in 1848) and 1844 respectively.  So the two wives would have been producing children in the same year, which is not considered proper.

Could Simon and Leopold be two previously unaccounted for children of Siegfried and Henriette?  This is unlikely since two of the children (Julie and Simon) would have been born on  7 Nov and 19 October 1848 respectively , which is biologically so close to impossible as to be out of consideration!

Therefore Siegfried is NOT the father of this line.  Could the children have been a son of one of the other unknown sons of Moses be Loebel?  Yes - this is possible, and indeed Markus and Siegfried were in the brewing business and so was Simon, and Simon lived close to Siegfried.

For more on this line see Ernestine Cassirer
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